Sunday, September 11, 2011

Atom Smasher

Found this beer while I was strolling the streets of Lincoln Park. Earlier that afternoon Jeff had taken us to Three Floyd's,but the rest of the day was spent walking and exploring the area. Purchased from World Market, as I was stoked to find that Two Brothers had produced and bottled a new beer!

Appearance: Glowing orange amber with almost no head in existent. White speckled lacing when the head was present, but otherwise it is quite minimal. Definitely a chill haze was gained after putting it in the
Aroma: A bit of a stale hop pungence which is equally complemented with a highly apparent yeast scent. There is also distinguishable apricot/peach fruit note. I even get a note wet dog/oxidation. a bit deterring and unimpressive.
Taste: Sharp taste of ginger and cinnamon with a sweetened honey foretaste. The midtaste introduces somewhat of the viney flavor of wine, but with the graininess of beer. Malt becomes more present as the beer warms, a bit biscuity. Definitely a bit of tartness that may have been drawn out from the oak, however it is very well complemented with the toasted character of the Munich malt. Finish I think is just a bit overly spiced while still maintaining the flavor of mild citric sourness, cinnamon/ginger and earthy undertones. Hops leave a drying earthiness/leafiness at the finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a faint micro-bubbled carbonation. Some stickly/waxiness on the lips, but doesn't hold any sort of cloying texture. Finish is very drying, and without leaving any residua aftertastes.
Overall Impression: I was certainly expecting something a lot cleaner and more balanced. It was interesting having the notes of oak in the beer, but it was a bit overwhelmingly spiced and even soured. I think the more they use the Foudres, the more souring bacteria and strange microbes get into the pores of the wood.


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