Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brown Ale

Tasted after a 10 mile tempo run in 58:30. Reviewed prior to a breakfast prepared by luke of blueberry pancakes and cranberry juice! Got this beer from Great River's cooler a couple weeks ago.

Appearance: Atop the beer lies a beige soapy cream colored head. Retention is strong and eventually dissipates into a spotted film after 3 minutes. Lacing takes a fire whicked appearance. Dark brown in color, yet still maintains a clarity with a red hue when held to the light.
Aroma: Biscuit and toasted malt at the forefront of the smell. Large graininess is present along side a caramelized brown sugar and chocolate scent.
Taste: Robust toasted malt backbone that parallels a bittersweet chocolate that is present throughout the flavor profile. Grains and even spiced notes of rye develop by the mid-taste. At the finish one can decipher the alcohol and Golding hops. Chocolate becomes more present at the end, especially as the beer warms. A simple complexity with very notable flavors.
Mouthfeel: Nice mouthfeel that remains smooth and soft textured. There is a microbubble feel that brushes the tongue and goes down the throat in a refreshing manner. Crisp to say the least.
Overall Impression: A great basic brown ale that emphasizes the flavors that one draws from specific specially grains. Hops are simply present to balance and give the perception of chocolate and rich toasted malt. Well balanced.


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