Monday, September 26, 2011

Double Pilsner

Tasted Saturday afternoon following my first 1/2 Marathon that morning in which I compete for a 9th place finish overall in 1:14.31. Thanks to Paul for letting me have this from the reserve cooler at the brewery.

Appearance: Pale yellow in color with a strong clarity, but with a very faint depth defying haze. The head isn't anything to rave over as it resides in character as a soapy white foam as it also leaves a light wet lacing down the side of the glass. Carbonation is very apparent.
Aroma: A bit of a stale yeast scent right off the bat. Similarly there is a subtle lemon-grass hop complexity as well as notes of a grainy sweetness. Honey is another factor contributing to the malt smell. Yeasty is probably the best way to describe the aroma.
Taste: The front is quite grainy but is paralleled with a honey malt sweetness as well. By the midtaste, the yeast flavor sets in to give the impression of a over-aged beer. Throughout, and especially after the palate acclimates to the flavor, a mild lemon crispness currents almost start to finish. The hops are a bit floral yet don't leave the palate as dry. Fruity esters develop as the beer warms, giving the impression of apricots and pears. Yeasty. Alcohol is notably present.
Mouthfeel: Heavier mouthfeel, almost certainly from the large amount of un-attenuated sugars. Carbonation is less than expected but still maintains a minute bite at the end. Sticky on the lips and cloyingly textured in the back of the throat.
Overall Impression: I wasn't very impressed with this beer. From the start, the yeasty presence was a bit of a deterrent, while the esters in the taste made me think that the beer wasn't fermented or stored correctly. I found the body to be far more heavier than one would expect. The finish left a bit of a viney presence to the palate. Not the refreshing and crisp type of beer.


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