Saturday, September 24, 2011

Peninsula Porter

Appreciation goes out to Brandon Gittelman for bringing this beer back for me to review. Tasted Saturday night while making 1000% (literally) organic pizza's with Jen. Low key night as I prepare for my 1/2 Marathon in the morning. Spent much of the day at Great River for their tapping party of the Pumpkin Ale.

Appearance: Clear brown upon pour, making me think it's definitely filtered. In the glass it takes on a very dark brown appearance with a beige frothy head that eventually results in a soapy consistency. Lacing is wet and speckled.
Aroma: Chocolate and toasted malt immediately arise at the nose at first sensation. Gradually however, a nutty complexity and even some dry roasted fruit emerge as undertones to the strong base malt.
Taste: Bigger sweetness than most porters. Up front there are tints of maple and oak. Toasted malt sweetness with a bready note initiates a sweet malt backbone that inevitable rounds out in a chocolate malt profile. Midtaste is rich of this, while much of what precedes is a lot lighter. Nevertheless, the nutty grain malt flavors continue to transform until the very end as the hops introduce a bittersweet dryness. Maple and wood are prominent throughout.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and nothing aggressive. The carbonation is soft on the tongue while the body takes a midline through light and heavy. Finishes with a velvety soft texture while drying out the mouth in a thirst quenching manner.
Overall Impression: A sweeter porter, yet boasting a nice malt complexity that anyone can easily decipher. Smooth, yet easy drinking. However I find it more as a beer to start off the night, worthy of only one, and two max.


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