Thursday, September 29, 2011


Picked this up a couple weeks ago while I was at the brewery with Jeff and Jen. The bomber sat in the cooler at GRB for 2 weeks and I didn't want to risk it over another weekend. So, Caley, Trevor and I opened it up on Thursday afternoon while we were running an acid cycle in the Hot Liquer Tank.

Appearance: Medium amber in color with a subtle haze to it, nevertheless it is quite clear. The head takes on a creamed color while remaining densely textured but has a bit of a watery look. Carbonation is consistent and very fine.
Aroma: Big toasted malt (and I'd even say some caramel) A bit of a leafy hop character along with some. Rich malt all around along with a mild honey overtone and a trace of neutral grass hops. Festive smelling with even some spicing.
Taste: The foretaste is extremely rich with malted flavors along with a subtle presence of yeasty undertones. Quite simplistic. The end, however is chocked full of Diacetyl revolving around a very buttery. Aftertaste still maintains that diacetyl, but leaves a biscuity malt presence on the tongue. As it warms, more of the malt becomes pronounced, along with a doughy element.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy. Carbonation is  very subtle leaving a very inviting feel on the tongue. The finish is dry and resin textured on the tongue. Even a bit chalky feeling. Nevertheless it is relatively drinkable, but not very clean.
Overall Impression: I wish I could have given this a better review, because I know how fantastic can be, being that I had my first pint from the brewery itself. But the diacetyl was highly present and but I can see where it could be missed by the occasional craft beer drinker

On Tap: 92/100
Bottle: 83/100 (the one reviewed)

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