Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oktoberfest Beer

Thanks to the guys working the Schlafly booth at Brew Ha Ha for allowing me to take this. I reviewed this at the end of a lazy Sunday having fit in a 17 miler earlier in the morning and watching Arrested development.

Appearance: More of a rich darker colored Amber, yet still fitting to the color. The head isn't anything substantial, aside for the minor white soapy film that forms on top following the pour. Clarity is at a max, making the strong carbonation highly visible within the glass.
Aroma: Robust toasted malt character is the first impressionable scent to permeate the nostrils. It's lightly sweetened with a touch of graininess. Smells clean with no fruit or astringent elements to it. Even and generally quite simplistic.
Taste: Toasted malt takes on the majority of the flavor within this beer. As a predominating element of most Oktoberfests, Schlafly left little else to interfere with the consumers palate except for just that: The rich toasted malt foundation. It starts with a plain sweetness, but by midtaste, it becomes easily clear to one the intention of the beer. Hops play a neutral role, and there really isn't much by way of spicing. However, the beer does finish with a subtle woody-lignan dryness that does nothing to corrupt the flavor experience. Dry, but balanced, and generally quite clean.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, but the carbonation does its job of breaking it up a little bit to reveal a soft and smooth texture without the bite of overwhelming fizz on the tongue. The end is dry with a woody resined feel when rubbing the tongue on the roof of the mouth.
Overall Impression: Very enjoyable and easily drinkable. Schlafly left the consumer with a beer that puts its utmost focus on the malt, and did nothing to incorporate anything that would detract from the toasted malt. Smooth, crisp and certainly a top of the line Oktoberfests of the season.


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