Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pilsener Bohemian Style

Thanks to Rick, who was located next to us at the Brew Ha Ha beer festival for giving this to me. Tasted this following a day at the Taming of the Slough (where I ran a 9:47 two mile!) and the festival. I Reviewed this at Eco-house while making pizzas!

Appearance: Bright clarity with a abundant carbonation arising rapidly from the bottom of the glass. Head retention is strong and consistent of a dense white foam. As dissipation occurs, it leaves behind a dry lacing.
Aroma: Fresh and herbal with a pungence that encourages a very beer-esk (aka economasslager) scent. Hops present in the finish, though predominantly masked by the rich fore-smelling malt and yeast character.
Taste: Again, herbal with a very light pilsner malt grain base - saltine cracker like. A brief lemon note is present initially, but isn't dominant like most others. Honey. Some astringencies emerge, certainly as the beer warms. Other citrus notes there, along with an herbal undertone, which I found was more relevant to the malt. Finish is dry and grassy.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and soft texture with a bit of a crispness to round the beer out. Medium carbonation and some slickness. Ending is dry and even a bit resinous. Refreshing
Overall Impression: The astringency really pulls through in this beer, enough to make it present with every sip. I liked the uniqueness of it, but it got a little bothersome after a while. Otherwise it was clean and very fresh tasting.


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