Friday, September 16, 2011


Tasted quite a few times in the weeks prior to the tapping event (even as the beer was still green in the fermenters). Anyway, it was officially tapped yesterday evening in the only keg produced from this years 31bbls worth, where everything else went into cans. Keep an eye out for it, it'll go fast!

Appearance: Pristinely clear (good job filtering, Great River Cellarmen) with a bright amber hue. Carbonation is prominently rising from the center of the glass. Atop sets a medium stature'd head - initially, but is quick to diminish into a fine filmed presence. Lacing caresses the glass in an Entire consistency
Aroma: Mild toasted malt bill with a slight earthy spicing and even some cinnamon. I also get notes of an acidity. Undertones of pumpernickel breadiness round out a finishing scent. Even a fragrant fruitiness reminiscent of nectarines (with a bit of woodiness) is present.
Taste: Starts toasted (borderline caramel) with a enriched malt bill sweetness followed by a mid-taste representative of lignan (wood) as well as that ever remaining acidity that starts the follow through of hops. The overall flavor profile is delectable, especially when served into a chilled glass and then warmed byt the mouth as it is swished around. Some minor elements of roastiness at the end with even a notable hop profile, maintaining a minute grassiness. Generally the end completes in a spiced festive manner. Aftertaste is dry, but one can still manage to draw out biscuity malt and toasted grain flavors.
Mouthfeel: Smooth with a typical oktoberfest body - voluptuous and creamy. Carbonation is high, and bubbles up in the back of the mouth. The palate is left very dry, more so on the mid-tongue, than anywhere else. Nevertheless I'm left refreshed and quenched.
Overall Impression: A good Oktoberfest, falling within the mid-range of what I've had. Malt profile certainly leaves an impression, while the finishing hops may have been a bit more than necessary. I found that batch 1 differed slightly from batch two, as I preferred the latter. I'd put this on up there with some of GRB top beers, next to the Pale and Red, on a good day. However, things aside and biases avoided get the 4 pack if you see it, because our seasonals aren't around for long.


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