Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Elemental Pilsner

Tasted several hours after a pour (I was too caught up in the company). I received this bottle from the Iowa City Brew Fest a couple weeks ago. Enjoyed in the kitchen with David Misewicz while Jen was moving into the house.

Appearance: Golden straw, with a relatively strong head (even 2 hours after the pour, it still maintained a spotted film. Lacing is wet. Clarity is on the high end, but with a smidge of haze, in which I'd give a 9/10 for transparency. Still now, but was flustering a wealth of carbonation initially.
Aroma: Peppery with a touch of lemon and a undertoned honey sweetness. Floral up front with a mild fruit complexity at the end. Nothing too far from standard.
Taste: Definitely a honey characteristic to the malt bill, which is partial to the yeast attenuation and the integration and reaction of the hops and the malt. The finish is very crisp with a peppery bite, and a lemon zest element. The bittering hops are zesty but florally bitter, yet not overwhelming to the point they leave nothing to get through. I get Apple esters and pears in the finish. A bit of a resin, grassy bitterness in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, and certainly on the bigger end. with a nicely incorporated carbonation. Some residual stickiness present means more of a lower attenuation for a pilsner. Drying finish.
Overall Impression: A decent pilsner, but on the fruitier side with less emphasis on the crisp noble hops that are common to the style. Nevertheless it is quite drinkable and still relatively refreshing.


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