Monday, October 17, 2011

Save Our Shores (S.O.S.)

Tasted this last Wednesday with everyone in the tasting room. We had been doing a tasting panel of certain beers we were considering to have on tap at the Pub in Iowa City. Beers such as Ommegang Rare Vos and Abbey, but also Bell's Cream Stout, Nut Brown and Kalamazoo. This was just a bottle I got from the beer Festival in Iowa City.

Appearance: Served/shared in small 3-4 Oz. taster glasses. Golden Straw colored with a white film lacing with a bubbly white foam ring. There is a chill haze present, but transparency is still strong. Carbonation is present.
Aroma: Yeast astringency with a touch of lemon and and very light malt bill. Aroma is almost negligible. Some presence of phenols - aka cloves. Mild scent of DMS.
Taste: I got more of the creamed corn in the flavor than in the smell. Perhaps from the way it was handled.  However, in the beginning there is a very light malt bill, some oxidation, covered by an initial tartness alongside the carbonated bite. Malt is relatively mild, but prominent throughout. Some fruitiness present. I do get a wheaty citrus to parallel a lot of the pilsner flavors. Yeast emerges as another rich contributor to the overall complexity of the beers flavor profile. Hops are rightly pleasant and floral, while a complementary dash of cereal grain huskiness runs parallel to it as well.
Mouthfeel: Actually a lot heftier body than I expected. Full and creamy, yet still refreshing. High initial carbonation while finishing with a very dry resined bitterness.
Overall Impression: Interesting complexity of a clash between two different beers. I felt a little at odds having not really purchased this bottle, but instead just traded for it, especially because it is a charitable beer. I can imagine it's a lot better when it hasn't sat out in the warm late September heat.

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