Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hoptober Golden Ale

Tasted Sunday night while company was over for a quiet night of Movies, Pizzas and finishing the Kegs from the night prior's party. Purchased from the Hy-vee on 53rd with the Money Jen and I made from recycling the inumerable cans and bottles we had accumulated over the last month or two.

Appearance: Bright golden orange with a densly frothed head covering the surface of the beer. Some lacing braces the sides of the glass in a wet silhouette appearance. The beer is very clear with a micro-bubbled carbonation arising from the center of the glass.
Aroma: Very bready and floral with a big yeasty pungency. Orange and coriander permeate the nostrils along with an undertone of fruit and flour. Yeasty pretty much defines all else. A subtle lagered yeastiness.
Taste: Quite fresh tasting, while still maintaining a bit of a festivus spice. That cascade blasts through the palate. Spicey and a bit astringent. The midtaste boasts the most flavor, with a mild biscuit sweetness against a floral back taste. Mildly citrus and even an undertone of fruitiness, but this is easily masked by the hops. Aftertaste is a bit grassy, yet the tropical citrus from the Cascade and Centennial remain on the palate
Mouthfeel: Light bodied, but nothing even close to watery. The malt balances the hops while the carbonation holds the beer to a medium frothed, textured feel. Smooth and buttery feeling (not tasting). Soft going down, yet finishing crisp.
Overall Impression: New Belgium does it again. This, like 2 Below really attract the palate to the unique varieties of hops available in the Hopped-up Pale Ale like beers. A golden ale with a big twist in hop flavor. Fantastically crisp and palatable yet bold and delicious.


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