Monday, October 3, 2011

Organic IPA

Tasted Monday afternoon following a successful morning of getting errands done. I retrieved this bottle from the Plainfield Midwest Brewer's Fest a couple weeks ago.

Appearance: A typical Cloudy amber color with a soapy off white head that bubbles up along the sides of the glass creating a speckled, layered like lacing. An even film sets across the surface, while a more dense accumulation arises in the center. Looks relatively still, as the carbonation is difficult to perceive behind the clouded haze.
Aroma: Fruit tannins and hop resins (related to pine) permeate the nostrils before the nose even reaches the glass. A caramel backbone with a toffee scent is maintained just beneath. I get under ripe plums and apricots with even a soapy smell at the end.
Taste: A short lived sweet taste of caramel barely makes it across the palate before the hop rush begins. Interestingly though, I get that soapy/cleaner like taste in my mouth by midway, and even more so in the after breath. A bit of a hot solvent flavor at the end, but it's accompanied with a resined grassy bitterness and a very dried out palate. As the beer warms, more fruity esters emerge. Quite earthy as well as touches of orange peel. Aftertaste is very prolonged and even a bit plastic-like.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a smooth texture. The carbonation takes on a nice frothy foam consistency in the mouth, enough to soften up the body and add to the crisp bite of hops at the end with a mild spike. Dry and resined finish.
Overall Impression: I wasn't completely happy with the soapy flavor of this beer. The neutrality of the hops left little to be masked from fermentation. I would like to see more pine/citrus and even tropical fruit alpha acids. Nevertheless I understand that not every batch that leaves the brewery is their best batch. I'm glad I didn't purchase this one. Maybe next time.


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