Thursday, October 6, 2011

Moo Joos Oatmeal Milk Stout

Tasted Moday afternoon while brewing up a batch of organic pea soup and watching the Fighter on Josh's projector. I got this bottle from the Brau Brothers booth at the Iowa City Brewfest.

Appearance: CARBONATION ISSUE (and I know it wasn't me) Upon pour, I got a glass full of dense beige foam, so while it sits, I can get somewhat of a picture to you: Large peaks set atop a black, oily looking beer. Lacing is Styrofoam and dry.
Aroma: Perfumy and fruity. I get a lacto-bacillus like scent along with over-rippened fruit and woody. Very woodsy at that.
Taste: Smokey and even a little bit musty. Fruitiness is also another dominant element within this beer. Roastiness follows through against a drying hop flavor in the finish. Actually, I think this beer got a bit skunked from sitting in the sunlight all day at the beer festival. I don't really get any of the lactose they would have added to make it a milk stout. All that is left is dry roastiness and strange off flavors, resembling burnt fruit.
Mouthfeel: Overcarbonated and dry. Body is light and over foamed. Not much else.
Overall Impression: It's tough to review this beer with so many oddities to it, but if the Brewery wanted my real thoughts, they'd send me a fresh sample. Nevertheless the alterations in this beer (or maybe it's the way it should be) were a bit un-appetizing. Fruity, tart, and smoked with an absurd carbonation. Hardly any body. Wah wahhh.


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