Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maine Logger Lager

Thanks to Adam Slaker and Jeremy Hoffman for bringing me back this beer (along with 5 others in an assorted six pack) from Maine. I got around to trying this one Monday evening after a brief 10 miles with the team. The last of it was enjoyed with an entirely organic split pea soup I concocted earlier this afternoon.

Appearance: Pale yellow, but with a deeper color than any typical American lager... More Golden than anything. Head is nice and substantial with a white color at first, but dissipates soon after, leaving a bubble soap-like texture as remnants.
Aroma: There are some esters present among the usual lager scent which follows as a clean pungence and notable yeast characteristics. Nevertheless, it remains relatively clean.
Taste: Certainly on the sweeter side, even with a nice tartness to the finish. Starts relatively basic, but after the first couple sips, one can draw a bit of an unusual flavor behind the jaw... reminiscent of apricots and undertones of hop resins. Certainly on the fruitier side which is paralleled by a faint hop bitterness, that nonetheless cleanses the palate and leaves it quenched of thirst. As it warms, the esters permeate through and likewise encourage a note of honey in the sweetness. The finish is fruity, but one can still draw a subtle citrus flavor from the hops. Near the end of the glass, the mouth begins to notice a grassiness lingering in the aftertaste, that all but lasts for quite a while.
Mouthfeel: Interestingly I thought the back taste was accompanied with somewhat of a chalkiness. Medium bodied, and certainly on a heavier side than most lagers. The carbonation provides a spike on the tongue halfway through, while the end is left dry and for the most part, clean.
Overall Impression: Certainly on the complex side of most lager, and I give credit to that. I don't really think, however, that esters are a desired characteristic of lagers, but as long as it tastes good, I'm all for it. Fruity, but bitteringly crisp.

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