Monday, November 14, 2011

New Dogtown Pale Ale

Tasted following a 15 miler into East Moline (avg. 6:24) on my "Day off" (I still bar tend at the brewery in the evening). Following the review I enjoyed the rest of the beer with the best new, post-run-meal concoction yet, Kefir Pancakes and Hummus!
Thanks to Jen for getting a 6 pack of this during her tropical hop craving (unfortunately this didn't satisfy it...)

Appearance: Upon pour, which produced a bright orange copper colored beer, emerged a thin off white head that blanketed the surface of the beer. The lacing climbs the sides of the glass, only a couple mm above where the head once touched. Relatively cloudy, though some carbonation can still be observed.
Aroma: The pinnacle of herbal hops permeate the nostrils before the nose even reaches the glass. Characterized of Basil as well as grassy, grainy and floral undertones. Some presency of a yeasty element.
Taste: The front maintains that herbal element but no sooner transforms into a full on grassy bitterness that almost overwhelms the beer. The midtaste (between the herbal and grassy) maintains a semi sweet graininess reminiscent of bready and biscuit malt, however it is difficult to decipher against the more prominent flavors. Towards the end there is some notes of orange peel, but all bittering. Finally the finish brings in...? you guessed it! MORE BITTERNESS (specifically grassy). Leaving it in the aftertaste too.
Mouthfeel: Very light body with little to no stickiness. Some cloying slickness on the roof of the mouth though. Carbonation is thin but strong as is lightly fizzles over the tongue and down the throat. Mouth is left dry and resinous.
Overall Impression: The Basil/herbal aroma is enticingly new, but the flavor was a bit to simplistically bitter and grassy for me. I thought it lacked a lot of character. One to try, in order to pick out a few interesting elements, but I wouldn't get a six pack of this again.


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