Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snake Dog IPA

Tasted Tuesday afternoon after a workout on the track. Thanks to Joey Waldorf for picking this up over the weekend for a get together at my house.

Appearance: Copper colored with again a rich orange hue. The head has outstanding retention featuring a soapy foam complete with peaks and all. Lacing is wet, yet styrafoamed to the sides of the glass. Minute haze runs throughout the beer with carbonation remaining visible.
Aroma: There remains prominent a large pine nose complemented with a mild fruity undertone of peaches. Perhaps a subtle bready malt base, though falling under layers of aromatic hop features.
Taste:Between sip one and three, the beer changes. At first sip I find a estery plum sensation. Sip two emerges with the caramel bread malt base. Finally, by the third sip the palate adjusts and the deciduous pine flavors completely take over the beers flavor profile. Overall it effectively maintains a very neutral bitterness, with the occasional estery undertone emerging here and there, specifically representative of grapefruit, mango and even a trace of vininess. Alcohol is certainly present in the finish, and equally complimented with a mild grassy aftertaste. As the beer warms, more of the hop flavor transforms into a mellow yet appreciative orange zest bittersweetness.
Mouthfeel: Smooth textured with a medium body. The carbonation is soft against to tongue so as to not really burn/spike the palate when the bitterness or alcohol come through. Cloying on the roof of the mouth while finishing dry and resinous.
Overall Impression: A decent IPA. I enjoyed experiencing how the flavors really developed in this beer. From first sip, to the point where the beer warmed up, everything progressed in a positive manner. Definitely a beer not to judge from first taste. Complex and bursting with hops, while retaining a malt base to back it up.


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