Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quigley's Patrons Reserve

Thanks to Joshhua Schipp for getting this at Hy-vee within an assorted Six pack a coulpe weeks ago. Reviewed Christmas eve in the house by myself after spending the day cleaning up for tomorrow's Pizza making fest!

Appearance: The optimal copper color of a beer, represented with a overall  frothy head that results in a crater'd lacing accross the surface of the beer.  Generally very still lookinhg with wet lacing.
Aroma: Definitely bready with an undertone of biscuit kilned malt. The backbone is upfront and personal while the yeast contributes an afterthought of dryness and crisp hop character, Woody and reminiscent of hay and harvest corn.
Taste: Biscuity and again, bready. The malt bill isn't very substantial, but it certainly contributes a palatable flavor and base for the rest of the beer. Reminds me of Anchor's Steam ale....Technically I believe it is a steam ale. Dry flavor rounds out the finish with an assertive hop character. The aftertaste retains what was acknowledged in the foretaste while reducing to a lesser grainy flavor. Earthy hops and a touch of herbalness. The pinnical of a steam/california common ale!
Mouthfeel: Light to meduium bodied with a very subtle carbonation that only makes a slight zip on the tongue. Relatively uneventful texture while maintaining a kind of gluey feel on the roof of the mouth.
Overall Impression: They claim a low level of sweetness, but I think the sweetness is drawn out longer than most beers and distributed overall, there is a mesh of hop and malt flavor throughout the entire thing, and little division. Certainly balanced and extremely palatable, and local! I appreciate beer brewed for certain bars! Down the alcohol and then I can even call it a session ale.

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