Monday, December 26, 2011

Snow Bunny Ale

Thanks to Joshua Schipp for getting me an assorted six-pack of beer for Christmas! Tasted Christmas afternoon after a morning spent making organic pizza's with my mom. Reviewed while she was making a quick trip out to Iowa City to see my brother.

Sound: Upon opening, the beer didn't really spritz or pop.
Appearance: Golden amber colored with a subtle haze, probably from chill. The pour yielded very little commotion in the glass, with hardly any a flat look. Head is almost non-existent and the beer overall looks lifeless.
Aroma: Toasted malt and biscuit erupt at the nose. Some floral notes as well as quite a few off-putting scents...Such as oxidation and diacetyl
Taste: The taste still maintains some of the toasted malt, but that is not what is most apparent about this category... More so the Dimethyl Sulfide (Vegetal) in the finish and a characteristically distinguishable "Rancid butter" flavor. Perhaps some toffee and caramel can be picked out towards the end but one could easily right from the start notice that there is something off about this beer. Maybe some attempts at vanilla are made, but hardly distinguishable under everything else.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, with a very low carbonation. A slick feeling is present at the roof of the mouth (probably from the Diacetyl). Some carbonated bite emerges at the very end.
Overall Impression: Quite horrific. Nevertheless I think this is a good beer to get (single bottle) to learn these flavors. I'm guessing this isn't what all the beers are supposed to be like, but, with my luck I get something like this. Fortunately it was only one...


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