Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Seal Ale

Thanks to Louis Live for bringing over a six pack of this last Friday for our weekly beer tasting. I thought I reviewed it, but it was only recorded in my paper journal. Anyway I tasted this Monday afternoon after running (actually bicycling) errands. I was reading this article while tasting the beer: Buy Less on Christmass, ask it's everything I stand for...

Appearance: Coppered orange with a bright glowing hue. Carbonation is strong as it helps support a well sustained frothy pillowed head. Lacing speckles the glass in a wet fashion while a soapy ring gradually forms around the inner perimeter of the glass. Relatively clear, but not totally optimal.
Aroma: Malted and clean with a hop juice bite at the end. A bit like fresh cut grass with a resined scent. Smells more similar to a lager than an ale, few esters and phenols make me wonder..
Taste: Totally clean tasting as what was gathered from the aroma. Slight bready and biscuit malt bill of which is overbalanced by a potent hop dose of pine and faint notes of orange zest. Generally this beer reminds me of Anchor's Liberty ale, but with a little more crispness at the end. Bittered and dry finish, yet not overwhelming whatsoever.
Mouthfeel: Bubbly and light yet fulfilling and textured. The carbonation spikes the tongue, inducing a refreshing wave to caress over the tongue. Extremely crisp, clean and drinkable
Overall Impression: Could possibly be a steam beer, or a perfect epitome of a red ale. Light malt base with a crisp, almost neutral hop background to retaliate on the palate and refresh the mouth. Gateway beer? No. The bitterness may be too much. But perhaps one for those pilsner fans that enjoy their hops.


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