Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ZÔN Beer

Thanks to Joshua Schipp for getting this for our tasting the other day. First beer I reviewed since the accident (got hit by a car while riding my bike). Served in a pint glass and allowed to warm halfway through.

Appearance: Pale yellow (almost like the urine of one who cannot process proteins properly, haha). In that instance, the beer is very cloudy, especially after I poured the dreggs. A large pillowed white head sets across the surface of the beer while minimal lacing follows. Looks rather still.
Aroma: A residual funk permeates the nose, followed by notes of lemon and wheat citrus. A mild bready malt bill and doughiness are close behind. Banana and clove phenols, along with subtle hints of yeast emerge as the beer warms up.
Taste: Zesty and crisp. The malt base is, obviously wheat...perhaps over 50%! giving the beer a doughy wheat citrus sweetness. Trace levels of funk from the Belgium yeast and byproducts parallel this sweetness very nicely. The finish is primarily based on a lemon zest and orange peel like character in conjunction with a grain husk aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: The carbonation was a lot less prominent than I would have expected. Nevertheless there is a mild micro-bubbly feel across the palate as it goes down. Body is medium with a chalky texture near the end. Crisp, but what is left is a bit of a cloying feel at the roof of the mouth.
Overall Impression: Definitely choked full of wheat, but with a Belgium and lemon twist. Certainly for the wheat beer fans, but not necessarily for those used to the lighter "Blue-moon" varieties. Still crisp and refreshing even after a full glass


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