Monday, January 9, 2012

Black & Brew

Tasted Monday morning while running through my daily/multi-weekly website-roll (inclusive of: A number of beer blogs, The New York Times, Marks Daily Apple, Log A Run and Pro Brewer. Thanks to Joe Weitlispach for giving me a bottle of this a couple weeks ago

Appearance: The pour was thick and produced little carbonation in the process. However several seconds following a thick frothy beige head blossomed in full stature. Minutes later only to dissipate into a dense frothy film across the surface of the beer. The color is muddy, yet with clarity around the edges. General appearance is quite still looking.
Aroma: Rich chocolate malt and roasted barley. The coffee is present, but by no means is overpowering. Malt forward. Toasty and very inviting.
Taste: Certainly a strong coffee flavor is present throughout. Nevertheless, I find that the malt is a lot more subtle than the aroma led one to think. The foretaste is light, but some toasted malt is there. By the midtaste the coffee sets in and takes over the entire palate. Some sweetness remains, but coffee and over-roasted cocoa bean add a very potent bitterness that really dries and puckers the roof of the mouth. Big roastiness, while a burnt (and slightly sweet) flavor remains for a long drawn aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Thick creamy texture with a bubbly, yet soft version of carbonation. At times I thought the beer was a bit watery, but while examining the feel in and of itself, there is surely a thick mouthfeel about it. The finish is dry with a note of alcohol to round out the end.
Overall Impression: I'd like to see more sweetness in this one, perhaps by underattenuating it, or adding some lactose. Big roastiness with a caffeine dose to match (I'm pretty sensitive to it). Definitely for your coffee drinkers. I wonder what stout they used for this beer?


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