Monday, January 16, 2012

Boji Beach Golden Rye

Tasted Saturday evening during a beer tasting event I hosted at the house. Complete with an organic Indian dinner prepared by Josh, such featured beers included Roller Dam Red, Powder Hound by Big Sky, and Old Chub by Oskar Blues. Got around to finally jotting down some notes on Monday afternoon on my day off following a yoga session with Matt Bowman to help him with his hip problem for his last track season.
Served in a Pilsner glass.
5% ABV

Appearance: Brilliantly clear with an enticingly appealing golden color. The head is fluffy and white, emitting a pillowed peak texture and equally sustained, standing for a good 5 minutes. As is, the carbonation looks to be very strong (2.9) as the bubbles consistently rise from the depths of the glass. It looks like something of a Coors/Bud product from its pristine look.
Aroma: Brief notes of biscuit and 2-row malt. Very clean smelling. I don't get too much of the rye, but it is present. Some floral notes alongside a woody nose. Overall, it's difficult to draw a lot from the scent.
Taste: The flavor on the other hand hold a more complex profile. Initially one can acknowledge a formidable biscuit,bread and malt based backbone up front, without any corn/rice sugar adjuncts. Sweet and even a bit zesty. I think of dried straw and grass. The midtaste introduces a mildly zesty, yet unique flavor in conjunction with an emerging rye flavor of wood, whisky undertones (no burn) and clean grain. I found this to balance the initial hop dose very well. Finally the finish leaves one reminiscing of a lager but no sooner are they deceived (it's not). I think Hallertau easily would give them this impression. The rye at the finish leaves a bit of a cracked nut, grain flour quality along with a faint yeast flavor. Aftertaste lets a lot of the rye come through.
Mouthfeel: Right out of the can, the beer has a biting texture, but allowed to sit and settle, it achieves a perfect feeling of both light and bubbly but refreshing and foamy as it leaves the palate. The front of the mouth is left dry, while the roof of the mouth achieves a strong cloying texture.
Overall Impression: Unexpectedly flavorful. I've never come across a beer of this clarity and color made with RYE! For one thing, it isn't lacking in flavor, or texture. I brought this to a party and it was devoured. A unique style in and of itself and I dig the balance between being a lager and ale and the different hops. For the first amplified homebrew batch to a commercial scale, I'd say it was a success!
Available in 4-packs


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