Monday, January 23, 2012

Kellerweis Hefeweizen

Thanks to Joshua Schipp and Andy for picking this up from the Hy-vee on 53rd this past weekend for the beer dinner we were hosting. I got around to reviewing this Monday afternoon following an easy 6 miler through Moline.

Appearance: Without dreggs: Amazingly clear. Whatever yeast they used (definitely not Hefe yeast) really had a high flocculation and seemed to have settled completely out, giving the beer a very shiny, clear golden color. With Dreggs: Once added, the beer took on its typical appearance for the style, even a bit milky too. The head is strong white and foamy with a prominent carbonation rising from the depths of the glass.
Aroma: Without the dregs, the beer seemed a bit insufficient in character and complexity, leaving only the scent of the outdoors and hay/straw. Once the dreggs were added, more of a yeasty undertone was permitted along with a minute pungency with clove and banana to follow through an undertoned smell.
Taste: I initially got a lot of vanilla from this. The backbone is bready and dough like with subtle hints of fruity esters and the complementary banana and clove phenol (though the clove is hindered a lot here by the vanilla). Some tang follows near the end with a light splash of orange juice and straw like qualities. THe end is sweet and honeyed.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a very well incorporated carbonation, which makes the beer go down very smooth, yet provides a bigger creamier body. The wheat adds a chewiness. Nevertheless it finishes dry but sweet, yet crisp and refreshing.
Overall Impression: It's kind of cool to have a two-beer-in-one bottle available. whether you like a cleaner crisper beer, or a saturated doughy, but complex and equally enjoyable (depending on preference) beer, I'd say this is a Hefeweizen (wheat) beer to put on the list of beers worth trying, even if you are like me and not necessarily a fan of the Wits/Whites, Weiss', Wheat's and Hefe's.

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