Monday, January 23, 2012

O'Fallon Gold Beer

Thanks to Dan Nevin for bringing this beer over for our beer dinner event last night. Dan keeps a blank coaster with him that has a list of beer that I have yet to try from the Hy-vees in the area. This was one such beer on it.
5.0% ABV

Appearance: Crystal clear, guessed it, a gold color! Carbonation is frequently rising from the bottom of the glass. Sub-par head, as what only resides on the surface is a cluster of soapy white bubbles on one side of the glass.
Aroma: Big lagered aroma with a brief graininess to it. Overall, it's pretty clean. Lager yeast makes up the primary scent of this beer with all else to follow.
Taste: Very light sweetness, but without any of the corn/rice adjunct flavors. Much of the flavor resides in the second half with notes of pepper, floral and earthy notes, though extremely faint. mostly the flavor of a typical lager, and not a whole lot else occurring within. Maybe some notes of lemon at the very end. Reminds me a bit of a cream soda. Afterburp is grainy.
Mouthfeel: Strong carbonation is a primary characteristic of this beer. Light bodied and crisp at the finish.
Overall Impression: Put to a blind taste test, I'd have a lot of difficulty picking this beer out against many of the other American lagers. My ideal of a gold ale has more hop character and doesn't just follow a lines of mediocrity.

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