Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Avant-Garde Ale

Tasted Tuesday evening after dinner with Jen for Valentines Day. Picked this bottle up from the Galena Wine and Cheese Co. over Christmas. Snifter Served.
7% ABV

Appearance: Golden copper with a blond looking pour as the beer entered the glass. Extremely clear and brilliant. Initially, the head is substantial and bubbly, but is quick to back off into the beer leaving a trace of foam on the surface. Hardly any lacing.
Aroma: Funky and Bretty. I'd call it borderline horse blanket/goat sweat. Nevertheless there is a bready malt base along with brief hints of citrus and orange. Alternatively, I get some grassy notes alongside an overwhelming yeast bill.
Taste: The taste is actually surprisingly sweet, but manageabley balanced. Honey and bread make up the forefront sweetness.There is still a prominent yeast note, but to my surprise a lot more fruit and hop flavors than expected. Grape and pear come through up front, followed by swift yeast flavor and then to finish with both a grassiness and an orange zest bitterness. There is a lot of pine incorporated into the end of the beer, complemented by the tropical flavors and spicing from the yeast. The hops that dry out the palate are smooth, but add a fantastic flavor
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with strong carbonation that stings the tongue. A bit of mild bitterness hangs around the palate in the aftertaste to dry it out.
Overall Impression: Interesting play on a Farmhouse Style Ale, the Brett and farmhouse characteristics dominate the aroma, whereas they become negligible in the flavor. Only a slight yeastiness surfaces, but is nearly unparalleled against the hops and tropical fruit elements.

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