Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daly Double

Thanks to Matt Gallagher, one of the brewers at Half Acre Beer Co. for the walking tour and giving me a bottle of this along with several others. Tasted with Matt Bowman, Neil Viagers, Jen and Luke at Ribco Monday night. Snifter poured.
7% ABV

Appearance: Mellowed light amber, dark copper color. A soapy white head clings to the glass with large and small bubbles. Lacing is speckled. Carbonation is present, but not in an extreme to notice much bubbling from the depths.
Aroma: Citrus and sweet orange peel. Mostly Simcoe and perhaps some Citra! Pineapple. Some faint cattiness in the background, but that is the only thing I can draw out as a deterrent...and even then it's difficult to acknowledge.
Taste: This beer is certainly hop forward boasting a fruitful dose of tropical flavors from pineapple to papaya. The start is sweet with a mild honey element, but apart from that, the malt is difficult to decipher. The finish is dry and resinous, but still finishing very clean. I'd see this great to pair with Lavender! Juicy flavor overall incorporating a tropical fruit flavor with a tart bite at the end. This is the kind of IPA I'm looking for.
Mouthfeel: Smooth feeling. Medium bodied with a subtle bubbly texture to tickle the end of the tongue. Generally the beer is quite soft and very refreshing.
Overall Impression: As I've said, this beer is tropically oriented with a zesty sweet flavor. The malt bill is entirely masked by the hops, but still the sweetness is encouraged into the hop complexity. I'm thinking Daisy Cutter on EPO. Get it while it's out!

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