Sunday, February 26, 2012

Double Stout Black Ale

Thanks to Mr. Joshua Schipp for purchasing this 4-pack and saving me one to review. Tasted following my first tempo run since my accident. Got to keep training because it was painful. Tasting notes finished by Jen.

Appearance: The pour was clear, but very dark/black. It produced an enormous frothy whipped dark tan colored head with a strong retention. Lacing was styrofoamed and dry. Large bubbles accumulate in the center. In the glass, nothing can really be drawn from the darkness aside from the carbonation that can be seen bubbling up on the sides.
Aroma: A note of acidified malt comes through against a mesh of complex aromas. Chocolate and roasted nuts is present along with a hint of damp marbled rye bread? Some staleness is present.
Taste: The front conveys a maple sweetness in conjunction with a hint of wort and doughiness. Dark chocolate and roasted malts make up the majority of the malt bill. I also get faint hints of roasted nuts and even some molasses. The hops prove negligible, but if they weren't there, this beer would have very little to boast...they hold almost an un-acknowledged importance. Some bitterness at the end, but mostly to help encourage a balance with the malt and the alcohol that emerges at the end of the beer. Warming, but not hot. As it warms, the alcohol provides a fusal, solvent burn that can't be ignored.
Mouthfeel: A bit sticky, but thinner in expectation. The body is medium, but the high alcohol that warms the chest, in a way thins down the body at the end. Carbonation is fine, but still has a slight bite up front.
Overall Impression: Dark black and full of flavor. Rich roastiness, complimented with a burn in the finish.

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