Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Irish Ale

Thanks to Dan Nevin for bringing this bottle over last week. Tasted Monday evening after a difficult 15 mile run through Davenport with Matt Bowman. Pint glass served.
5.8% ABV

Appearance: A rusty Amber with a dark reddish hue. The head is puffy and off white at first with a soapy consistency. Dissipation is lax, but still enough to demolish it into a soft foam cascading over the surface. Carbonation can still be seen against the rusty turbidity. Persistent and strong.
Aroma: Carameled and spritzy. Some oxidation is present, along with faint undertones of fruit and herbalness.
Taste: Sweet and spicy. Right from the start there is a caramel base, followed by a floral spicy and a zesty bite at the very end. Certainly herbal too. The front is very balanced by the first half of the end of the beer, then a bit of that herbal character emerges with a faint grassiness. I get a bunch of spicing, even a hint of coriander, though that is probably a product of the yeast. Some toasted grain flavor develops up front as the beer takes to warming.
Mouthfeel: Initially there is a sharp spike on the tongue from the micro-bubble carbonation. This dissipates fast into a smooth texture going down. Spicing bite at the end. Dry herbal finish.
Overall Impression: A very decent Irish ale. Or Red ale to most. Dry, spiced, bitter, but malty and clean. Ultimately I enjoy the balance and drinkability of this beer.

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