Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barrel Aged Small Animal Big Machine

Thanks to Matt at Half Acre for giving me a bottle (bottle 113 of 144) of this while on my visit to Chicago. Tasted Tuesday evening after a long run from work. Because of the upcoming move to Holland, MI in the coming month, I'm attempting to review as many of the beers I would normally sit on for a while.
Snifter served
8.5% ABV
Poured without the Dreggs

Appearance: Deep rubied hue, and actually quite dark. Carbonation almost fuels a growing head that caresses the inner perimeter of the glass as it takes on a beige appearance. Overall, the beer is quite clear and attractive.
Aroma: Fruit and funk. The smell bouquets with a lot of over ripe peaches and plums along with dates and grapes. Some tartness is present, but generally the fruitiness is it
Taste: Sour to the taste, but with a lot character. Right from the start ones mouth puckers to the taste of the tart currants and other souring agents. The balance between the sourness acquired from the Brett and the tartness from the currants, as well as the sweet flavor from the malt - all conglomerates into a symphony of assertive flavors. Peaches, dates, plums, lemon, cherries, grapes, you name it. Definitely get that white wine flavor at the very end.
Mouthfeel: Very light and extremely drinkable. The tartness aids in the refreshing feel this beer leaves on the palate. Carbonation is helpful in adding even more of a tang in the end. Oakey and dry once the beer is washed down.
Overall Impression: Awesome parallel between the fruit, the barrel and the Brett. There is a ton going on in this beer, but at face value, it's very Juicy. Examined more complex, one can pull any type of under ripe tart fruit one can imagine. Tangy, sweet, sour and tart are the words best to describe this one....And fantastic!

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