Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hop*A*Potamus D.D.R.P.A

It's here! and in CANS!
We made around 80 bbls of this beer (last year we did around 10-20bbls) with a modified recipe and new hopping technique, this beer is one not for the "faint of heart." This review is based off the first wave of the production, and man, was it satisfying. Served out of the can on a Thursday night after a fantastic pizza dinner at Old Chicago.
Double Dark Rye Pale Ale
9 % ABV

Appearance: The pour was thick sounding and frothy, which then led to the production of a large beige colored head that was well sustained. A carbonation of 2.6 did this beer very well. Lacing is wet and speckled, yet entire the closer it falls to the surface of the beer. Aside for the dark hue, there is a tint of red among the brown and ever mysterious looking character.
Aroma: Amarillo and rye pounce on the nostrils. Some floral sensation, along with notes of grapefruit and dark roasted figs and raisins. Some malt is present, but does more in its reinforcing of the hops than to present a distinguishable malt base scent. One could even draw a distinct cherry/chocolate note from this beer.
Taste: Both sweet and highly hopped. I get the sweetness from the get go as the micro bubble carbonation begins to tingle the tongue. Huge rye flavor, boosted by a sweet sugar malt backbone. Even as the taste of the malt covers the palate, it's as though I'm still smelling the hops. Midway through the dark cherry fruitiness comes through, alongside the ever prominent, and lingering bill of rye. Chocolate comes through in the end, along with a faint and short lived finishing bitterness. The alcohol is apparent, but nicely incorporated to work off the body of the beer and the hop bitterness. Not hot or solventy, but literally perfectly attenuated
Mouthfeel: Rich and smooth with a velvety feel. The rye added a very soft textured addition to the beer, almost giving it a milky quality, while the carbonation still helps to remind you this is a hop bomb beer! Chewy up front while it descends into a very drinkable, and approachably refreshing ale. Finish is dry and resinous from the alcohol and the hops
Overall Impression: This beer literally incorporates, in my own mind, the best of both worlds. A TON of rye and a huge hop profile, reminiscent of Amarillo! One of the richest, while drinkable, and heavily hopped beers I've had.

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