Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Circus Penguin Brewer's Choice

Jen and I picked this up from the Rock Island Hy-vee Wednesday night after baking an organic pizza and acquiring a thirst for some more craft beer (as if we didn't have enough in the house). But in hindsight, Thad had told me earlier that week they were getting a new stock in and I was interested to find out. Luckily, this was a stand out bottle on the bomber shelves.
5.9 % ABV

Because this beer is so new, I had difficulty finding the label.
Therefore this one will do for now...
Appearance: The pour exhibited an extremely pale yellow colored liquid, with a slight haze. Within the glass, all features are amplified, presenting an extremely hazy pale beer. The head is present, but not noteworthy, as it consists of a soapy accumulation within the inner perimeter of the glass.
Aroma: I get the floral undertones of the hops, then to be balanced out by a more citrus sweetness from the blood oranges. Beets remain relatively non-existent. Faint malt bill, but pretty negligible. The orange comes out the most
Taste: Sweetened honey and pale two row at the forefront of the beer. What follows is a bit of a spicy zestiness from the hops, but in conjunction with the additions of the blood orange, and perhaps some earthy complexities of the beets. The finish is mildly zesty and accompanied with tropical fruit sensations of grapefruit and papaya.  Once the carbonated bite passes, I get more of the earthiness from the beets, and a paralleled contribution of citrus zest from the hops. Finish is dry and fruity.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is high, but incorporated nicely to the extent that it enhances the flavor profile, exposing a second edition of flavors as it bites. The body is modestly fuller than expected, while the mouthfeel is both smooth and crisp. Some stickiness remains on the lips.
Overall Impression: I was expecting this beer to be a bit more brightly colored in terms of the fruits and tubers it was brewed with than the pale color it displayed. Overall I think this could certainly be a beer Two Brothers should add to its line-up in the Spring/Summer seasonal campaign, and not just the bomber editions. This is a beer that can attract a wealth of newcomers. I see myself drinking this again...

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