Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laughing Lab Scottish Style Ale

This was one of the beers that started it all. I remember back when I was still drinking Everclear and Sangria, and my brother in law was already exploring the craft beer scene. He lived out in Colorado Springs and had brought some of this to a holiday party. Prior to leaving for Australia, that Christmas I was fortunate to make my way out there and check out Bristol Brewing Co. for myself.
Thanks to my sister, Aubrey and her husband Monte for getting me a six pack of this for my birthday this year!

Appearance: Clear brown at the pour, but in the glass it takes on a reddish color. The carbonation clings to the sides of the glass. Head is mediocre and spotty.
Aroma: Up front there is some fruitiness accompanied with a prominent caramel flavor. Plums and raisins but earthy and slightly tannic. Peat malt is nicely complimented into the mix.
Taste: Sweet caramel with a sugary backbone. The malt base is very attractive. Caramel, biscuits and toasted bread come through. I get minute amounts of earthiness accompanied with mild caramelization.  Woodsy and nutty. The second half boasts a toffee and caramel grain flavor, but remains very clean. The earthy hops help round out and balance the finish of this beer without giving the impression of hops, and generally staying very neutral.
Mouthfeel: Thinner than I expected, but still boasting an adequate amount of carbonation and feel. The bubbles bite the tip of the tongue. Some resin texture exists at the very end of the beer. Very easy drinking and not thick at all
Overall Impression: The drinkability of this beer is high. The body was a bit thin, but there was still no sacrifice in flavor, fortunately. I said this then and I'll say it now, this is one of the best start up beers I've had!
Hopefully I'll make it out to Colorado Springs one last time (before Monte moves) to try some Winter Warlock!

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