Sunday, April 29, 2012

Full Circle Kolsch

Tasted Sunday afternoon at the pub. I'll be entering my third week as a brewer at New Holland and have finally tried all the beers on the menu.For now, I will going back and writing up new reviews and editing past ones up to my current tasting abilities.
4.9% ABV

Appearance: The beer exhibits a puffy white head that is exemplary in stature and well sustained. The color is bright and golden blond. Within, there is the occasional bubble floating to the surface, but overall the beer looks quite still. Lacing is dry and cascaded against the glass.
Aroma: There is prominent pungence up front, more than likely derived from the yeast. Hops may contribute a peppery/lemon based scent. Straw and earthy undertones permeate under the pungent layers.
Taste: Mild sweetness and well balanced. It's as if one were to bite down on a saltine cracker and have the salivary amylase get working to sweeten things up. Initially, the first thing to come to mind was straw flavored. However as the palate adjusts, an assertive peppery flavor develops towards the end with a spicy refreshing zip on the back of the tongue with the assistance of the carbonation. Some pear skin and subtle fruit flavors are present too. By the end, there remains that straw flavor that was noted in the beginning, but slightly more earthy.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and refreshing. Body is medium to light with a middle of the road carbonation. The dryness at the end of the palate is most notable, leaving behind a resined layer across the tongue.
Overall Impression: Lately, this has been my go to beer of the summer so far (if you can call it summer yet). The yeast pungence and the full flavor of hops balanced against a lighter, simplistic malt bill make this beer very easy drinking, that and the 4.9% ABV!

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