Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Short's Golden Rule

 Tasted Tuesday morning (it was 11:30, don't worry) after getting my haircut at the Tulip City Beauty Salon...and what an experience that was. Decided to be productive (my definition) an head to 8th Street Grille to check out what new taps they had on line.

Appearance: Golden in color, approaching a pale blonde color. The head is fluffy and white with a dense consistency. Carbonation is visible slowly rising to the surface of the beer. Some chill haze is present, but generally, the beer is pretty clear.
Aroma: Citrus based hops perfume from the glass, accompanied with an elegant grapefruit sweetness and a note of yeast. Fresh hop scent is present in many forms from lemon to zest.
Taste: Up front the malt takes a very mild 2-row grain sweetness, but that is negligible against the strong hop character. Immediately past the brief sweetness erupts a consistent grapefruit rind bitterness that flows through to the end. Initially, the beer came off as quite grassy, nevertheless after several sips, the palate acquaints itself with more of the inner laced complexities. C' hop notes for sure. Perhaps Crystal or Cascade. Develops a tropical flavor near the end. Aftertaste is astringent and bittered.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and refreshing. Carbonation is high to encourage a bite at the tip of the tongue. Palate is left extremely dry with a resined coating from the hops.
Overall Impression: I was expecting this beer to be quite mild, but it was anything but. The hops are the primary flavor contributor here, overbalanced on the bittering end. However, this beer is certainly one of light stature and crisp refreshing finish. Lower alcohol helps this one to approach a sessionable profile.

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