Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

Time to switch it up from the typical bitters. Tasted this off the tap at 8th Street Grille on Tuesday afternoon. Found I would be taking the 2nd shift today at 3pm, so decided to hit up the bar and get in a couple reviews to make up for my infrequent posting.

Appearance: Very dark in color with a very appealing mocha colored head of dense proportion. Dissipation is slow, resulting in a thick even film across the surface. Very little light penetrates the beer, so it takes on a very opaque black color. Lacing is entire
Aroma: Some chocolate and grain and very little else.
Taste: Served cold, so the malt takes a while to come through, but as it warms, a rich velvety chocolate douses the palate in a sensational sweetness. Not in any way acidic. Mild toastiness and rich chocolate with very little roasty flavor. The chocolate flavor is quick to leave the mouth, and what resides in it's wake are the first taste of hops which take a neutral status. Some roast is present here as well.
Mouthfeel: Full and extremely smooth and velvety. Almost oily, but the soft carbonation helps distribute the beer to all areas of the palate encouraging a very palatable experience: feeling wise. The oatmeal really helps with the body, purposefully bringing a viscosity I've found in few others.
Overall Impression: This is a great stout. The oats contribute a number to the body, while the perfect balance of malts bring to the table a delightful chocolate flavor. The beer still manages an element of drinkability to it, regardless of its viscous body.

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