Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Short's Aorta Ale

 My final tasting of the sampler at 8th Street Grille. Thanks to Josh for being an excellent bartender.
8.6% ABV

Appearance: Similar in color to the Aprihop - darkened amber, but with a slight red hue. Clarity is inhibited by the color to an extent. The head is dense and of beige appearance. Dissipation results in a soapy uneven distribution of foam on the surface. Lacing is dry and entire on the glass.
Aroma: Fruitiness immediately once the beer had warmed. I get plums raisins and figs...mostly dark roasted fruit. A strong malt bill is present.
Taste: First impression is the taste of alcohol at the end of the taste. It is accompanied with a slight leafy taste in the back of the throat. As the beer warms, caramel and toffee along with a subtle malt roast flavor is present in the malt bill. Sugary and sweet. Fruit is held to a minimum and purposely emphasized on the malt. The second half serves a dose of leafy floral hops with a strong bitterness. When held under the tongue, the taste waives the bitterness and the alcohol and only portrays the caramel and toffee. Finish is dry and the aftertaste is long drawn and grassy. After the beer wars, some prune and fig fruit flavors emerge.
Mouthfeel: Medium to heavier bodied, though the alcohol helps thin this out, as well as the carbonation, which is a bit thinner than I would like. After all is said and done, that grassy flavor in the finish also brings a prolonged dryness with a resined feel. Tacky on the lips.
Overall Impression: The alcohol was strong in this one, as well as the grassy hops. However, depending on how you tasted it would dictate the experience. Try putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth and letting the beer fill under the tongue and travel along the sides. Then also taste it over the top of the tongue. See the difference? You tell me.

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