Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Red Coq

Tasted Wednesday at 8th St Grille during American Craft beer week. Each day they set a deal on two of their beers for $2. Today was Oberon and All Day IPA. The rest: Founder's Red's Rye P.A., Bell's White Ale, and Goose Island Christmas all fall under $3/pint!
6.25% ABV

Appearance: Mahogany with a beautiful tint of amber. Clarity is absolutely optimal. Carbonation persists in a single strand of bubbles making their way to the top of the beer. The head is cream white and nicely sustained. Dissipation is slow and results in an even distribution on the.
Aroma: A rich floral presence resides throughout. To follow are rich fruity undertones as well as a brown sugar sweetness. Fruit becomes more apparent as the beer warms - peaches predominantly, followed by hints of under ripe plums, mango and even pineapple.
Taste: Tart and tropical tasting, which makes me think of Simcoe and Citra. The carbonation carries through much of the tart flavors which are deceivingly drawn from the bitterness of these unique hop varieties. There is a subtle flavor carried through resembling a Belgo-esk yeast property. The malt is lightly carameled, and in conjunction with the hops gives a perceptively obvious mango flavor. A green bite finishes off in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Fine bubbles are the platform for this beer. Not only do they help expose unique flavor characteristics in the beer, but they also provide a zippy and crisp texture in the second half.
Overall Impression: The tropical pine based hops take center stage in this beer. One has to dig deep to seek out many of the under scored flavors. This is a fantastic beer for a citrus kick. Personally, I could only handle one, but that is pretty much all you need.

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