Monday, May 14, 2012

8th Steet Pale Ale

Tasted at 8th St. Grille on Monday afternoon following a morning spent at Lemonjello's Cafe uploading some more pictures to the "Photo" section of the blog. Over there --> take a look -->
Thanks to Cindy for being a great bartender!
4.8% ABV

Appearance: A copper color with absolute glowing clarity. Carbonation is highly prominent at first, but tapers off as the beer sits for several minutes. The head is sub-par, leaving only a thin film across the surface of the beer.
Aroma: A scent of light fruit is perceived (over the malt bill) at the front of this beer, taking on qualities of pear, apricot and hints of orange pith. Hops take a low profile in the aroma.
Taste: A nice biscuity sweetness is present in the foretaste, encapsulating the pinnacle of a simple grain base. The yeast leaves faint byproducts through fermentation, primarily of subtle fruit notes and spice. Apparently even peppercorns? Florally hopped with a nutty complexity in the midtaste. I get a lot of pear out of this one as well. I also draw some residual unfermented cane sugar sweetness too. Easily balanced and tasty.
Mouthfeel: Bright and bubbly with a refreshing, crisp bite at the end as the carbonation makes another fizzing presence at the end. Drying at the end.
Overall Impression: Easy drinking and certainly something to call a go to if this is an unfamiliar bar and you aren't too acquainted with the craft beer industry. Something that can easily be deemed a "starter" or appetizer beer. Fruit is the main attraction with this one, with an unusually large sweet foretaste.

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