Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dortmunder Gold

Tasted Thursday at 8th St. Grille. They are trying to blow out the taps that are nearly empty in order to fill them for their Founder's tapping event tomorrow night. They will be including 11 founders beers, including one that has yet to be found outside their pub - their take on a Milk Stout. Pint served ($3!)
Surprisingly I haven't reviewed this beer after many sessions of actually tasting it and even visiting the brewery. Anyway, to get it out of the way, here it is:

Appearance: Golden with a darker hint of copper. Large voluptuous head pillows the surface of the beer with a dense cream colored profile. Very clear with large bubbles rising to the surface at different speeds. Lacing is entire and dry.
Aroma: Clean and slightly floral with a lager character in the end scent.  Some bready aromatics perfume as the beer warms, complimented with a semi-brown sugar element.
Taste: The start is defined with a CO2 flavor, but immediately transcends into a rich biscuit and toasted bread flavor. Warm biscuit and cracker crust become more robust the further into the taste one gets and is more prominent in the back of the mouth. The finish is lightly floral, but still maintaining the essence of the grain. However it remains very clean and crisp with not the slightest fruit character.
Mouthfeel: Easily drinkable with a fine bubbly mid texture and a dry feel at the tip of the tongue. A gluey feeling resides at the roof of the mouth giving off the remaining biscuit aftertaste.
Overall Impression: Don't be fooled by the color. This beer is malt forward, simplistic and can appeal to any crowd. I'd see this as a gateway, like Fat Tire, or even something similar to style - Two Brothers' Dog Days Lager - but with more of a richer, malt desired flavor. When indecision kicks in, hit the middle road and tap one of these.

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