Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chaka Belgian Style Ale

Thanks to Janna at Haymarket Brewpub for giving Jen and and I both can-like vessels of this beer. I had exclaimed during my visit that I had never had Sun King before, and she immediately repealed that with this beer. Tasted on a Monday night weeks later after a long day of bottling Dragons Milk and Beerhive. Snifter served.
8% ABV

Appearance: First exhibiting a puffy cream colored head with a 1" stature. However dissipation was quick and it was soon reduced to a foam ring around the edges and a scattered coat across the surface. The color is a deep amber with almost a rubied hue. Carbonation looks to be strong as fine bubbles consistently rise to the surface.
Aroma: The scent is rich of caramelized sugar and sweetened toffee. Extremely reminiscent of a doppelbock. There are notes of sauteed dates and dark fruit carmelizing. A lagered scent is present alongside a clean indisputably sweet finish. Some alcohol can be noted too
Taste: The start presents a nice bouquet of an assorted variety of sweet flavors. Much like the aroma, but intensified I get a caramel toffee malt base, complimented with dark fruits of dates and fig.The latter half enjoys more fermentation style complexities like faint esters derived from fermentation. Some honey too! However, I feel much of this ending flavor resembles a lager because of the cleanliness left on the palate. A subtle undertone of bitterness helps crisp the finish.
Mouthfeel: The body is unexpectedly light, with a soft foam from the carbonation frothing up the second half. A residual stickiness is left on the lips while the middle of the tongue is left dry and refreshed. The roof of the mouth has a familiar cloy common to strong malt based beers. An after-breath of alcohol warms the chest.
Overall Impression: A unique beer to find in a can, though I find that phrase becoming less useful in todays craft beer industry. Nevertheless, standing with a higher alcohol, the flavor profile and feel are surprisingly misleading with a crisp clean finish and strong malt front. Dark fruit carry an undertone throughout against the caramel/toffee malt base. I'm still fascinated by the can!

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