Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Greenbush Dunegräs IPA

Tasted last week at 8th St. Grille with Andrew after work. Green Bush is a must hit if you are driving along 94/96 up to Holland from Chicago. However, I have yet to go there, but have only heard good things...

Appearance: Glowing opaque amber with a nice orange tint. Some carbonation coats the inside of the glass, but not as substantially as a soda. The head is subpar, existing only as a slight ring around the edges of the glass. Clarity is not in this beers descriptive vocabulary, but something I certainly appreciate.
Aroma: Nice base of caramel and biscuit, and even crystal perfume with a malted sweetness underneath a boastful pine based bitterness. The middle emerges with a fruity undertone finishing with a slight grapefruit rind character.
Taste: Similar to the aroma and starting with a great biscuit malt base, the sweetness continues through to the end of the beer. The midtaste has a faint fruit based aspect of plums, apricots and even orange. The orange flavor transcends into the finishing bitterness that parallels now more of a grapefruit element. The end conveys a great citrus complexity. Still remaining on into the aftertaste is that great grapefruit zest noted in the beginning along with a spritz of zest.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied but maintaining a nice drinkability. Carbonation is a basic middle-of-the-road bite that hits more at the end, but still with a slight foamy feel. Finish is extremely resinous, coating the mouth with a dry balm of AA's! Crisp, dry and refreshing. Alcohol goes unnoticed.
Overall Impression: A fantastic IPA revolving around the ultimate citrus based hop, most reminiscent of grapefruit. A plethora of sweetness balances the rind of the fruit, eventuallyy finishing with a juice zest and fruit flavor. Think of just putting the whole damn fruit in a blender! Cloudiness is appealing.

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