Tuesday, July 17, 2012

60 Minute IPA

Found this beer at Meijer way back when I first moved to Holland, Michigan. DFH 60 minute at $8 a six-pack! Sweet. However, I found this beer had already had its own shelf life, but nothing to the extent of being deleterious to the flavor/aroma. Instead, a new profile emerges, equally enticing, and perhaps even altered for the better. Tasted Saturday afternoon while waiting for Joel to pick me up for a camping trip near Gun Lake.
Snifter served.
6% ABV

Appearance: Glowing copper with a slight chill haze beginning to set about in the beer. The head is pristine white, but not to the extreme stature I would expect. Dissipation is mediocre, leaving a speckled wet lacing and in some spots a soapy accumulation of larger bubbles. Carbonation shows both quick and slow moving bubbles bellowing to the surface.
Aroma: The fresh hop character is still present, though beginning to fall off the bright citrus element that is common to a newer batch of this beer. The malt bill is honeyed with some hints of complimentary biscuit malt and brown sugar sweetness. To follow introduces the still very ample citrus and sweet orange/grapefruit zest scent. Because this beer is older, the malt has definitely taken a dominant part in this beers scent.
Taste: The start is quite sweet, portraying a cane sugar and honey sweetness element. The middle begins to introduce some of the bright citrus hop characteristics, though dumbed with age. Still, encouraging a unique mead-like flavor at the halfway point with a citrus twist. Finally, the second half permeates American hop character boasting grapefruit, notes of pine as well as orange peel and zest. Even some of the alcohol helps to vapor some of that citrus into an enticing palatability - similar to the juiciness of orange juice. The aftertaste is briefly honeyed and sweet, but with the ever prominent hop twist.
Mouthfeel: Perfectly balanced with a light to medium body and a fine carbonation that mildly fizzles across the tongue before bubbling down the throat, furthering a nice quench. Drying finish, but not overly so.
Overall Impression: I know what this beer tastes like normally, but figured it be an interesting review/description with an aged version of the beer. Typically, this beer is bright and bursting with tropical citrus and is almost too drinkable. However here, with age, the malt base takes over with a rich honeyed aspect. While the hops become subdued, they still boast a robust flavor profile that is entirely delicious.

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