Monday, July 16, 2012

Pull Chain American Pale Ale

My weekend blogging has been quite poor, and I apologize. Tasted following a 12 mile run on Saturday morning, and after a brief trip to the farmers market to pick up my weekly bunch of kale. I picked this up from the Highland Park Binny's assorted beer selection.
5% ABV

Appearance: Strong ambered/orange appearance paves the way to a rich and unique sensation experience. The head s frothy and well sustained as it takes a cream colored look. Carbonation is very high, with bubbles persistently rising to the surface with no uniform manner, but aggressively fueling what remains of the head. Cloudiness is a primary feature of this beers visual.
Aroma: Immediately the hop profile dominates over everything, resembling the pinnacle of earthy hops. The scent is leafy and green without an ounce of citrus quality to it. Definitely portraying a hop identity of its own.
Taste: The front is faintly sweetened with pale malt, but soon thereafter becomes overtaken with a raging leafy green qualities one would perhaps associate with wild hops. The flavor is amplified the deeper one acknowledges the bitterness and further into the taste one gets. The finish is extremely astringent with earthy/grassy hops elements. Aftertaste is as if one bit down on an unknown bush from the yard. Maybe some sweet orange peel in the end, especially once the beer is allowed to warm.
Mouthfeel: The carbonation wasn't exactly paired very well with the beer. It stood out in a burst or foam that both was biting, but also overfoamed in the mouth as it went down. Light, near watery body and astringently dry finish.
Overall Impression: Certainly something I wasn't expecting, and extremely different. I think the hops may have been used for a different intent than the typical American PA citrus route, and instead went for an earthy, green, leafy, grassy and approaching metallic/tin flavor. Not really my cup of tea (beer). but to everyone their own...

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