Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Resin IPA

Tasted with Eamon at the Graydons Crossing on our way back to down town (on bike) from the Hideout Brewery during a weekend up in Grand Rapids. I had never seen a beer served in - what most would call a "red-bull" can - but, it certainly was a treat. Unfortunately, standing at nearly $8 a 12 Oz can, it may not even be worth splitting for just a 5.5-6 Oz sample. Review typed up on Jen's IPAD (8 % ABV).

Appearance: Nice deep amber orange with a bubbly white head which has a great retention. There is an evenly distributed haze prominent throughout. Rather still.
Aroma: Tons of pine based tropical hops reminiscent of Amarillo and basic C hops. Fruity and desiduous. Some faint biscuit and base malt helps to balance. Even some notes of honey are present under the pine.
Oh look, in the background...Mad Hatter???
Taste: Immediately the pine makes the first impression. Starting bitter in the midtaste. The malt helps to encourage a rounded balance with grapefruit, pineapple, plums and spruce, especially in the finish. Some alcohol is notable at the end as it finishes with a strong resin in the end.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with a slickened mouthfeel from the abundance of sweet malt. The carbonation is fine and creates a creamy texture and terminates with a resin drying texture at the end.
Overall impression: I dig the pine in this one, and if you don't, beware, you're in for a dose. Rich malt sweetness balanced by an overabundance of hop aromatics and complexity.

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