Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Southern Tier Hop Sun

Tasted Tuesday morning at 8th st grille after a morning run and cooking up lunch for the week, consisting of organic basmati Indian rice with peas and nuts, topped with spicy Ethiopian red lentils made to replica those served at chicago's own, Ethiopian diamond. Pint served

Appearance: Bright Golden color with strong clarity, aside for the slight chill haze present. The head is thick and a bit off white and cream colored, different for such a light looking beer. Retention is strong. Carbonation sticks to the sides and persists within.
Aroma: Faint yeast pungency is present upfront complimented with the familiar wheat scent. Lemon zest follows with a rich fresh citrus. Neutral sweetness upholds everything.
Taste: Some faint wheat citrus sweetens the fore palate for a brief instance, only to immediately merge into a zesty crisp bite. Some notes of hay and floral undertones can be noted in the middle of the beer, while a lemon character rounds out into the finish. The hops used in dry hopping this wheat (what??) seem to integrate a pepper profile in conjunction with the lemon zest.
Very light bodied with a strong carbonation that bites the entire tongue as it goes down. A separation remains between the beer and the carb making the texture crisp and refreshing, though some of the wheat incorporates a palatable smoothness.
Overall impression: Predominantly wheat citrus and lemon zest with a delightfully lemon pepper hop profile. A bite to encourage a crisp dry finish and a carbonation to parallel that perfectly. Summer wheat with a bit of a hop kick!

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