Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zoomer Wheat Ale

Tapped just yesterday, the long awaited beer of the summer, deemed the top summer wheat by Hollands local crowd. I stopped briefly at the pub following a run to the farmers market today, just so i could get a sense of what all the demand was about.
5.3% ABV

Appearance: incredibly hazy, nearly taking on a muddy appearance. The head is nonexistent, aside for the slight white soapy ring around the glass. The beer is so cloudy, one cannot see even the carbonation. My kind of look!
Aroma: there is a strong scent of yeast in the forefront of the nose. This is easily complimented with a robust malt base that I haven't experienced in a summer wheat beer such as this. Faint characteristics of other phenolic byproducts present as well.
Taste: well, after biting down on the lemon, the beer definitely encapsulated the summer quenching bite expected with this kind of beer. However, as that flavor wore off, the beer begins to, take on more of a malt central flavor. Wheat citrus comes up near the end, pairing alongside the strong yeast profile. The front is rich with biscuit malt and brown sugar, interestingly. The end still maintains a slight dryness, with ruminants of the lemon that was consumed initially. Faint notes of vanilla and coriander are present. Yeast makes up the majority of the second half paralleled by subtle notes of phenols.
Mouthfeel: heavier bodied with a fine, but very prominent carbonation that sizzles the entire tongue as it goes down. The finish is semi-dry, with a cloy that sticks to the roof of the mouth. I think the attenuation left some residual sugars in this one because the feel is contradicts the body, but the sweetness is on the higher side. Carbonation does a good job to mask.
Overall impression: a wheat beer with a very rich malt base compared to its wheat beer counterparts. Boasting biscuit wheat and even undertones of brown sugar. The second half reveals affluent tones of yeast and coriander, followed with a bite of carbonation and a gluttonous feel on the roof of the mouth. Overall, this beer is both rich, but maintains that expected refreshing bite. I'm unsure about a summer quencher, but it certainly hits the bulls on on palatablity and complexity.

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