Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brewing Hopivore!

It's coming your way, people. This year's batch of Hopivore is now churning away in the fermenter, tasting as fresh as fresh can get.
We ordered over 800 Ibs of hops from a local Michigan hop grower, and because they were so fresh, they made it into the brew within 24-hours of being picked - called Wet Hops.
Below is a brief photo album of the wet-hop additions. This year they were added to the Mash Tun to help prevent clogging the kettle and also aid in extraction. This unique process was key in this years Hopivore.
Rainbow over the Brewery - 7AM on Saturday

Jason inspecting the hops

Mash Tun filled!

Spreading around hops


Spinning the rakes

Start filling


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