Monday, September 10, 2012

Mud Puppy Porter

Purchased this several months ago while back in the Burbs visiting the Binny's I used to work at. They finally got an assorted beer rack to make your own sixer's, so I took advantage of that and picked out a few beers I had never tasted. This was one of them. Tasted on a Monday afternoon while making a large batch of babaganouj and hummus and prior to heading out on a 9 mile run to work.
Snifter Served

Appearance: The pour exhibited a reddish brown hue with absolute clarity. Initially a head set about a 1/2" over the beer, but reluctantly dissipated rather quickly into a soapy off white ring around the inner perimeter of the glass. Within, the beer comes off in a muddled murky brown with a lot of sedimentary particles rising up the sides of the snifter. Carbonation bubbles presently cling to the glass too. Aside from the color inhibition of visibility, the beer is clear around the edges.
Aroma: Scent of dark chocolate and malt sweetness, complimented with a toasty caramel. Very rich dark malt scent is continuously a factor at each whiff. Man, it smells good.
Taste: Huge chocolate flavor. Dark chocolate, as in the aroma, formulates the foundation of this beer. Slight toasty notes subtle run on an undertone accompanied by a grainy roast. Nevertheless, little else can be said about this beer - the chocolate is so in your face, few other characteristics come through - and OK by me!
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a fine carbonation to bubble up over the tongue at the end of the taste. Front to the middle of the tongue is left dry, with the roof of the mouth maintaining some cloy. However, overall the beer employs a high drinkability aside from the enlarged dark chocolate malt presence.
Overall Impression: Aching with the flavor of chocolate. Little else, making this a simplistic, not overly complicated beer that is an easy enjoyment on all occasions. Apart from all the sediment, I'd say this is one of the best "Porter's" I've had.

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