Thursday, November 22, 2012

GT's Enlightened: Original Kombucha

I though about doing a separate Kombucha blog, but I feel my following is too large on this blog to have another side project to take away from Beer To Try. So I'll be adding Kombucha here because it represents an alternative to fermented beverages. Picked this up for $2.69 at Whole Foods in glenview on Thanksgiving after Running the Tall Trees Turkey Trot in 15:49 - I was a bandit.

Appearance: A turbid blod color with very little action occurring from within. Some large bubbles cling to the side of the glass, but there is no carbonation deliberately trying to escape the liquid it's immersed in. Some SCOBY is present, but not in a consistent form of the glass, more so just pieces.
Aroma: A floral fragrance, compounded with notes of vinegar and honey. Quite sweet smelling and attractive, but with notes of funk, and must derived from an uncontrolled fermentation. I dig.
Taste: To start I get peaches and nectarines making up the majority of the fore-taste. Backed by the essence of honey, complete with undertones of clove and spices. Next comes the refreshing an funky taste of alternative fermentation by-products. A bit cidery after a big gulp and examined at a holistic perspective.
Mouthfeel: Light, but still maintaining an adequate textured sweetness to make a full drinking experience. The lack of carbonation is certainly made up for by the acetic/lactic acidity. Not soft, but the dryness in the finish further adds to the refreshing light appeal.
Overall Impression: As good as it gets for a simple kombucha recipe such as this one. I think the balance between the funk and sweetness is important, and GT's does it perfectly. I almost prefer this over any of the exotic fruit flavors they produce.

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