Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GT's Enlightened: Bilberry No 9

Picked this up in Evanston at the Whole foods off of Chicago. Tasted Sunday morning beginning of December...It's 60 degrees outside! I'm currently making a couple test bathes of kombucha too. Snifter served.

Appearance: A greyed purple color with a strong opacity and muddied haze. Before the pour, there was a lot of sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Upon pour the liquid erupted in carbonation and soda-like fizz with flocculated particles throughout. There is even a slight head present around the perimeter of the glass. A lot of carbonation bubbles cling to the sides. There is a lot of movement from within.
Aroma: Funk, must, tart and free berries. Aroma here is very minimal otherwise.
Taste: A lot more tart than the rest I have tried, but incredibly balanced against with the fruit additives. At the start, a tart, neutral lactic flavor is central, followed by a fresh blueberry flavor gives character to the traditional flavor. Next comes a fizzy carbonated flavor in the back of the throat. Finally the kombucha finishes with a faint musty wood character common to the beverage. The aftertaste returns to the berry flavor.
Mouthfeel: Still some sugary body present that adds substance and texture to the high carbonation that is follow. The carbonation is very concentrated and refreshing. It doesn't bite the tongue, but encourages a tingling numbness over the palate. Some cloy is present in the back of throat.
Overall Impression: This variety falls middle of the road. I enjoyed the flavor, but was looking for more of a funk in the aroma. The flavor was very balanced and drinkability was high. Certainly one of the fist ones of GT's to try if you are unfamiliar with

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